Parents Role

Parent Participation

We are a parent participation nursery school, also known as a cooperative. Parents have a unique opportunity to take an active role in shaping their childrens first classroom experiences.

Our program is part of the Petaluma Adult School in the Petaluma district and is directed by credentialed teachers who enjoy teaching both the children and the adults. It strengthens families by building self-esteem in children and adults through the education parents receive, both in parent education class and in the administration of the nursery school program.


PPNS embraces the strength of its program and community through parent envolvement. Toddler Time program parents are exempt from requirements but encouraged to participate and join in.

Caterpiller and Butterfly parents (one parent/child) are required to:

  • Work one day/week per child in the classroom from 8:30am-12pm (includes prep time and clean up time)
  • Attend Adult Education meetings (2-3/month) Monday evenings 6-8pm.
    • Child care available.
  • Parents help with school maintenance
  • Serve on one school committee
  • Each parent supervises gymnastics on a rotating basis

All members are involved in fundraising


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