The Petaluma Parent Nursery School (PPNS) is a component of Petaluma City Schools and Petaluma Adult School and is celebrating over 76 years as a co-op nursery school. We are a child-centered cooperative preschool that offers a nurturing, play-based, and positive learning atmosphere where children learn through exploration and hands-on experiences. Through hands-on experiences children learn about visual art, language arts, science, cooking, drama, gardening and physical motor skills.

About Us

We are a parent participation nursery school program for children 2-5 years of age. As a cooperative preschool parents have the unique opportunity to takepart in their children’s preschool experience and play a vital role in the day to day fun of our preschool. Our program is led by a credentialed teacher who not only leads our children’s program but also strengthens families through the education that we as parents learn in our bi-monthly positive parenting education class. Our program builds a strong community within the families who attend and creates a trusting and caring atmosphere for students.


The Petaluma Parent Nursery School was started in 1947 as families in our community were making the transition from focusing on World War II, to the needs of their home communities in the United States. As families in the Bay Area turned to the needs of their young children, nursery schools were created where parents played a vital role in their children's first school experience. Today, we continue to honor the value of parents in education and the role of adult education to empower parents to become their best selves.

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